Admixem –

Admixture simulator

The aim of this program is to allow users to simulate admixture with selection, but this program can also be used as a general purpose population simulator. The capabilities of this program include simulating realistic genetic architectures (recombination, chromosomal structure, realistic number of markers genome wide, linkage markers loci), complex selection including natural and sexual selection, frequency dependent selection, indirect genetic effects and demographic processes including migration and bottlenecks. A strength of this program is the ability to specify selection based on any mathematical operation, allowing flexibility without requiring user reprogramming.


SimMSG allows users to simulate hybrids from crossing two parental genomes, and run the MSG pipeline on these simulated hybrids to test the accuracy of the algorithm. It allows researchers to decide on various parameters before they conduct an MSG experiment.


Scripts for African killifish genomics. The raw data can be found on NCBI SRA xxxxx. The main programming language used was PHP >5. They can be most efficiently run with HHVM or PHP 7.

Phonetica Latinae

I made this Latin tutorial a very long time ago (back in 2006). Since then this site has received a lot of traffic.