Postdoc position available

The fish genomics lab led by Rongfeng Cui at School of Ecology, Sun Yat-sen university is looking for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to work on an NSFC funded project in paradise fish evolutionary genomics, starting 2022.

Project introduction

The postdoc is expected to identify and collect fish specimens from the wild, construct sequencing libraries, and use NGS and third generation sequencing, HiC or stLFR data to perform de novo genome assemblies and annotation, inferring the population genetic structure, historical gene flow, genetic load, selective sweeps, hybrid incompatibilities, adaptive introgression, selective pressure in coding and non-protein-coding regions in wild populations. Alternative projects may involve designing and carrying out behavioral, transcriptomic and/or single-cell sequencing experiments to elucidate key olfactory pathways in mate choice.

Time and place

The starting time is flexible, but preferably no earlier than 2022/02 and no later than 2022/12. The main location is the Shenzhen Campus of SYSU.

Candidate requirements

Postdoc: Ph.D. graduates from renowned universities or research institutes from China and abroad, priority given to those with publications.

Assistant Researcher: Ph.D., with one or more publications, with no less than 2 years of postdoctoral research experience.

The candidate should hold a degree from fields related to biology or bioinformatics, and should be familiar with computational approaches in genomics, with fluency in R, python/perl and bash. Priority is given to those with backgrounds in evolutionary biology, fish biology, molecular experiments and good English fluency.

Salary and benefits

  1. Contract limited to 2-3 years, pending annual evaluation by the university. Salary standards follow national and SYSU regulations. Please refer to for more information.
  2. Postdoc apartment provided by the university can be rented at a discounted fee.
  3. The university facilitates attendance of postdoc children into the affiliated kindergarten.
  4. Home registry migration policies (Chinese nationals only).
  5. Research space for postdocs.
  6. Accessibility to national, provincial and Shenzhen postdoctoral grants. Ph.D. holders from an international university are also eligible for relevant grants in Shenzhen.
  7. The normal duration of postdoc is limited to 3 years, with potential extension to 4 depending on project requirements. Outstanding researchers can apply for an associate professor position towards the end of their contract.


Interested candidates please send your CV to